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Twitter Accounts and Power of 10

HI Everyone,

I was reading an article by @lesliedent in the recent MAME newsletter talking about twitter. There are some amazing resources on that social media site and Leslie put together a list of some teachers, etc… to follow. I’ve included them here in case you’re interested.

@karlfisch • @jillfisch • @joevans • @amckiel • @rmbyrne • @jfinch • @kathycassidy • @2ndgradetchr • @web20classroom • @willrich45 • @erinbrie • @justwonderiny • @KathyDShields • @hechternacht • @chrisminarik • @biggmaxx

Also, I was at a Math PD session yesterday regarding the Power of 10 teaching approach. It’s a lot to take in but the woman who put it on has a pretty amazing blog full of resources. Here is the link

Hope everyone is well,